Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fashion Intern: Beauty Essentials

Now of course, every girl has their own beauty essentials depending on your skin type and the type of makeup you wear. I have noticed though, through interning and still to this day now i'm working in fashion, there are some things that every girl needs. When you're not sitting at a desk all day lets face it - we're going to get hot and sweaty, our make will wear away, and there will be a last minute event to go to. So these are my top fashion intern beauty essentials, to ensure you'll look amazing no matter what you're faced with.... (excuse the pun)

1. Your favourite moisturiser
It's important to look after your skin, especially on your face because throughout the day it goes through a lot, and it's the first thing people look at. Whilst interning I was running around the city of London, in both rain and shine - my face and lips certainly took a beating. I now carry moisturiser around with me all day and top up when needed, so I always look fresh faced.

My pick: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream // John Lewis // £28

2. Your trusty lippy
One of the great things about working in fashion is you never know what is around the corner. One of the websites I blog for is always sending me invites for events on the same day. I make sure I carry a lipstick with me because they can transform your look from 'blending in with the crowd intern', to 'confident intern'.

My Pick: Kate Moss Matte Finish Lipstick // Rimmel // £5.49
(I think Matte lipsticks look more edgy/effortless, and this one lasts ages!)

3. Your fresh faced 'pick me up'
Much like carrying around your moisturiser we all have products that co-inside with this to make your skin look and feel fresh. I've found that somedays when my skin isn't at it's best moisturiser alone won't do. I carry around an exfoliator with me. This allows me to get rid of dry skin (which I suffer from a lot) as well as boosting blood flow to your face, which naturally leaves you looking perkier and brighter. Plus it also wakes you up if you're wavering a little. Win win!

My Pick: Smoothing Facial Scrub // Simple // £3.99

1. The 'pop-up' Hair Brush
No matter what length our hair, when it's been through the wind, rain and general running about, it's going to need a brush before you attend those meetings/events. I use this pop up one, as it also contains a mirror and is compact so doesn't take up that all important space in your bag.

My Pick: Pop-Up Brush // Superdrug // £1.59

2. Your Fresh Hair 'Pick Me Up'
Let's face it there will be days when you don't hear your alarm, don't have time to wash your hair, or it just needs a general 'boost'. Dry shampoo is great for banishing slightly greasy locks, and also adds volume if you have flat hair like me!

My Pick: Dry Shampoo in Original // Batiste // £1.50 
(this is mini sized - so is easy to carry around with you!)

3. Hair Bands & Hair Grips
It's self explanatory really. No matter how long we spend on our hair in the morning to make it look nice, sometimes it just gets in the way. I can promise you you'll want to tie it up/pin it back so it's one thing less to think about when you've been doing returns and steaming clothes all day - so make sure you have them with you!

So there you have it my 'fashion intern beauty essentials' I do hope they help you whilst you're working hard running around, whether you're a fashion intern or in another profession.
What are your beauty essentials? Is there something on here you feel i've missed out that I should know about? Comment below and let us know!

HC x

Monday, 20 May 2013

Power Trippin' Ain't Cool

Hi Guys,

It's been a while I know, i've been busy busy busy with work and trying to get my health back up to stratch which has meant my little space on the internet has fallen behind. I know that most of you that read my blog are also working or in education still so understand that sometimes our blogs take a back seat over more important matters. Of course on my blog I try as much as possible to give you an insight into my working life in a fashion company. It all sounds very glamorours from the outside, but as well as being hardwork, exciting and rewarding, it does have it's moments. One of which I had just the other day.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hot Creatures Menswear Blog

Hi Guys!
I've started a new blog - Hot Creatures
It's a menswear blog based on mens fashion from our point of view: women that love fashion!
I'd love if you guys could head over to it, check it out and leave your feedback. It's for men to see women's opinions on the fashion they wear, so get your voice out there as your opinion matters the most! So follow, comment and most importantly let those fellas know how you love them to look!