About This Blog

I graduated with a degree in fashion with photography, May 2012. Whilst at university I started this blog as a space to put my visual inspiration. However, since starting my path towards my career in fashion I have started blogging seriously, as a progression towards my career.

I am a young woman, aiming to be fashion forward whilst working in the fashion industry, currently as a freelance fashion assistant, blogger and graphic designer. By concentrating on wearable trends and fashion, as well as giving advice and accounts of my first hand experience of the industry, I hope to attract and inspire like-minded ambitious women to my site.

Although there are many fashion blogs out there, I have insider knowledge of starting a career in fashion, as well as skills in graphics, photography and styling, and I wish to share and inspire people with my blog posts.

Holly x

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  1. love everything especially the mint short, so jealous you're working with Asos! x