Monday, 31 December 2012

Today's Outfit: Last Day of 2012

Everyone has to have a soppy moment on the last day of the year, so here it goes. I just want to thank you all ever so much for following my blog. Although HC may be still very small in the blogosphere it has grown massively for myself since May - and it's all thanks to you guys for spurring me on!
Hopefully 2013 will be a brilliant year for all our blogs, and I hope we can continue you support eachother!

So here it is: My last day outfit of 2012! Soon I will start getting ready! I cannot wait to see everyone's NYE Outfits, i'll be sure to post what I decided to wear.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And thank you again.

Holly xx

Happy New Year

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Versatile Outfits / Newest Purchases

So here it is my first video! Instead of talking awkwardly into the camera, I created a stop/start motion film. It took me all of a day to create (yes that long!) so I hope you guys enjoy it. 
It's a video featuring some of my most recent purchases, along with some of my christmas presents. I try and show how I'd wear them together, and well as for the evening and the day. Let me know what you think! Holly xox

For those of you that prefer photographs, i've included the outfits in the usual fashion below (plus some dodgy illustrations...)

Look One - Cloudy Day
Dress, Factory by Erik Hart @ ASOS // Jacket, Primark // Boots, River Island // Beanie, Urban Outfitters // Sock, H&M

Look Two - Chilly Coffee
Dress, Factory by Erik Hart @ ASOS // Jumper & Bag Topshop // Boots & Necklace H&M // Hat Primark

Look Three - Throwing It On
Jumper & Polka Dot Jeans, Topshop // Wedged Boots, River Island // Hat, Primark

Look Four - Rosey Cheeks
Jumper & Shorts, Topshop // Socks, H&M // Block Heels, River Island

Look Five - Day & Night

Jumper & Platform Heels, Topshop // Dress, ASOS

Look Six - Animal Instinct

Dress, Fairground @ ASOS // Jacket, Primark // Boots, // Bag, Cambridge Satchel // Beanie, Urban Outfitters

So here are my newest purchases, but I have plenty more to share over the next couple of weeks!
Let me know which is your favourite! 
Holly xox

NYE Outfits - What should I wear?!


Merry Christmas (a tad late I know) and A Happy New Year to you all! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been so busy working at ASOS then having the family down for xmas - but I have LOADS of stuff and outfits to show you so be sure to keep checking back!

So basically I need your help guys. NYE is fast approaching and probably the most anticipated outfit fest of the year! I've brought these outfits - wanted to go for something a bit different this year than my usual 'pretty dress' choice as the rest of the female population will be going for.

Location: House Party - the location doesn't really matter to me as I strongly believe in, 'wear what you want, don't give a shit what anyone else thinks', however ball gowns and bikinis are a no go (there is a limit!)

Outfit 1. ASOS Extreme Studded Body.
Siince seeing this in the flesh at ASOS, I brought it as soon as it was avaliable online. I'd wear with my new embellished shorts, river island block heel and ankle socks. I definitely feel this is suitable for a house party, but feel it's typical me? You could where this pretty much anywhere, I feel NYE outfit should be a little special? What do you think?
You can buy it here

Outfit 2. ASOS Bodycon Dress in Bright Jewel Print
Now this dress is the complete opposite of what I'd wear usually. This is why I'm so in love with it. I'd wear with my super high nude platform heels to elongate my little legs, as it is a midi dress. Also as it's not a petite size, i'd wear back to front so it has a high neck and low back. Accessories would be kept to a minimum - let the dress do all the talking!
You can buy it here

Outfit 3. Fairground Gorilla Skater Dress.
I have in fact already worn this out but i'm totally in love with it. It's a bit more edgy, my typical colour in black, but I'm more than likely not to have that dreaded 'OMG that girl's wearing the same outfit as me!' situation. I thought it'd be quite fun for NYE. I'd wear with my new river island heels and ankle socks. I'll be posting these soon!
You can buy it here

I would really appreciate your help, what you think would be best. I'm swayed toward the Jewel Print Dress at the moment, but i know you lot could change my mind quite easily! I'd also love to see what you're wearing on NYE if you have a post link me in!

Let me know!

Holly xox

Monday, 17 December 2012

Asos fashion magazine photoshoot

I'm on a photoshoot with ASOS today for there march issue of the magazine. Follow my Instagram for live pictures as I'm here! @hc_fashion_blog

Sunday, 9 December 2012

ASOS Internship: Days 3 & 4


My third day at ASOS was rather manic, as there are LOADS of shoots over the next two weeks, so we have to help unpack, prerp and collect all of the clothing and accessories.

Fluffy Angora Cardigan, H&M, £59.99 // Neon Gem Necklace, H&M, Roughly £8 // Grey Leigh Jeans, Topshop // Faux Leather front and chiffon back top, H&M, Roughly £12.

Collecting samples from the buyers

Unpacking all the sample jewellery

I absolutely love this rosemary beaded braclet/ring piece!

Day 4

Day four was also as busy! The ASOS HQ were having they're christmas party on this evening, so the offices were busy being decorated. We have the fun task of dressing head of the magazine, so had to route through the fashion cupboards and go into Camden to pick up a couple of bits for her.

Me all morning dopey-eyed on the train at 7.15am (wrapped up because it was snowing!)
Fur Head Band, Primark (Last Year) // Jewelled Necklace, Primark (Last Year) // Military Jumper, ZARA

 Camden Market

 Amy the other fashion intern - I LOVE how she dresses!

Some rings I quickly brought from Camden Market. Managed to get 4 for £10!

Day 4 was another great day, it was brilliant to venture into Camden (only one stop on the tube) and get out of the fashion cupboard as much as i love it! We spent the afternoon unpacking garments and getting into the christmas spirit!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

ASOS Internship: Day 1 & 2


So I arrive at Mornington Crescent (literally a step from ASOS HQ) at 8:15am. Yes I completely over estimated the amount of time it would take to get there, I wasn't supposed to arrive until 9:30... I took the term 'Eager Beaver' to the next level. Thinking that this was ridiculously early, but also loving the fact that once in my life I'm not rushing, I went to Costa had a Hot Chocolate (now my fashion intern staple/accessory) and blueberry muffin. But let's face it you're not reading this to hear about what I had for breakfast!

 ASOS HQ, in Camden.

So I enter ASOS HQ at 9am (the people in Costa began to give me funny looks, as I was picking crumbs from the muffin packaging for the final 20minutes I was in there) and arrive in the most amazing lobby I have ever seen! This wall of photography is the new inspiration for my bedroom! I was greeted by the fashion assistant Letty, and another of the Magazine team Jo. Both are lovely! They give me a quick tour of the MASSIVE ASOS floor where PR, Marketing, Press, Website and Magazine are based (amongst others I cannot remember...). Then I am shown to the fashion cupboard, where I will be living for the next month, whilst I wait for the other intern to arrive.

 Before our major clean-up...

Once the other intern arrived, Amy, we are shown all of the ASOS HQ Floors. The other floors included buying (which makes up the mass majority of the second floor) Sample rooms full of clothing, photo studios, fit room, post room and second just as amazing reception/bar/chill area (featuring pool table and football table) where all the models chill out.
The first day we got to know the place, collected samples from buyers for photo shoots, met the rest of the ASOS team and had a major clean up of the fashion cupboard, see the before and after pictures above! Overall it was a brilliant first day!


On the second day our main task was to layout moodboards as inspiration for some up and coming photo shoots. Amy was given a moodboard to layout for a fashion shoot for the magazine, and I was given a music based moodboard. As you may already know, I LOVE creating moodboards, both physical and digital, so really enjoyed doing this!

I also got to attend a meeting with the Fashion Up team about trends they can see amongst celebs that they can use for the apps features. If you have an android, and don't have the ASOS Fashion Up app yet, you NEED to get it, it's amazing!

Later in the day I was given a moodboard featuring different styles of trouser for an up and coming photoshoot. I had to arrange the catwalk images into styles and lay them out.

 Peg Leg Trousers



Nearly finished moodboard, also featuring Track 'they don't call them track suit bottoms here!' Skinnies and wide leg trousers.

I had an enjoyable second day, it was great to be able to get creative with the moodboards, hopefully I will be given more to do in the future! On the second day I also picked up samples, and general help with the fashion cupboard. 

Friday, 7 December 2012

ASOS Fashion Internship

Guys, I'm currently on shoot for ASOS and these studios are amazing!! Keep checking back for photos on my day here!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Insider Fashion Internship

To keep up to date and see the behind the scenes pictures from my internship at ASOS follow me on Instagram @hc_fashion_blog

Product Review: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

After much raving about this foundation (my best friend being one of these people, and if you can't trust your best friend, who can you trust right?!) I decided to part with my £28.. Yes you heard me £28 for a 30ml foundation. So are you paying purely for the name, or is it worth the money?

I was previously using the new Maybelline 'Fit Me' liquid foundation in 115. This was okay, but I have quite an uneven skin tone, and found this foundation really didn't last all day.
Then when looking into the model mirrors on the shoot last week and realising I looked like a patchy gremlin after being next to the hot steamers and photo studio lights all day, I final gave in to buying YSL when working in Selfridges. It's vain I know, but let's face it if im going to be on photo shoots I really don't want to be looking like a sweaty mess next to the flawless models!

Anyway so that's the back story to deciding to part with my money. So i've been using it for the past week and... I am loving it. The first day I made the mistake of using as much as I would with normal foundations, and I did look like I had a coating of fuzz on my face - Not attractive.

However once I started using a smaller amount (brilliant result as this means it'll last longer!) It really does give you good coverage for most of the day!

Clean coverage with beautiful luminous glow that blends in with your skin tone.

On the box it states that 'It's ultra-sensorial texture (I didn't know it was possible for foundations to have senses..) blends with skin for a perfect made-to-measure coverage (well thats a lie because they didn't make it specifically for my awful skin tone). Dullness and imperfections disappear, without covering or masking contours of the face' (this is in fact true, as we should expect).
So apart from the slightly over optimistic description (don't get me wrong I understand they need to sell the product) it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Pros: Coverage lasts nearly all day. Foundation keeps the natural glow of the skin and contours of the face. Matches my skin tone almost perfectly, and blends really easily.

Cons: Higher Priced Foundation. I seem to have come out in more spots than usual, but I think it's my skin getting used to the new product as it's sensitive.

As you can see I think there are way more pros than cons, and I'm definitely happy I brought it. I'd recommend this foundation to anyone, and if you are thinking about buying it, definitely go and ask the YSL makeup artists to help you choose the correct colour for your skin, you don't want to spend that money for the wrong tone! You can buy it online here and it's available in 22 shades!!! My Shade is B30 Beige.

If you already use it, or are thinking about buying it - let me know what you think!
I hope you liked my review!

Holly xox

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Selfridges Fashion Internship: Week Two

I was honestly so so sad to be leaving Selfridges this week! Although I was only interning for a short time of two weeks, I had such an amazing time, with great people, and learnt so much as a stylists/studio assitant! So now I will share with you my photo dairy of my second week there!

Day 6:

- Prepping for Women's Photoshoot

 Women's wear rail

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jeans

Henry Holland New Season

Amazing Henry Holland Dress I would love for New years! £325.00

Beautiful Alexander Wang Dress

 Stella McCartney Top

Stella McCartney Top

Day 7:

- Assisting women's wear stylist on photoshoot.

 Women's Shoes
Women's Wear Rails

Day 8:

- Assisting on Men's Shoot

Miko Spinelli Jackets
Me in the OUT room returning all the clothing that has been shot. What I wore: Topshop boyfriend fit vest top // American Apparel Disco Pants // Zara Cardigan // Kate Moss Matte Pink Lipstick // New Look Desert Boots.

Day 9:

- Prepping for Men's Wear Shoot, Assisting stylist with picking clothes!

Picking styling garments for next days menswear shoot from Selfridge's Super Brand Department: Lanvin, Maison Margiela, Alexandre McQueen, Givenchy are just some of the brands in this section.

I fell in love with this Alexander McQueen Python Skin and Suede Jacket. £4,578!

Day 10:

- Assisting on my Last shoot for Menswear!

Alexander McQueen Shoes

I am wearing: Topshop Denim Shirt // H&M Cardigan, leather skirt and necklace

Me with Santa on my last day!

Some of the amazing photography that lines the walls of Selfridges HQ

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my photographs from my work experience! I learnt so much, from out the studio working to the guide lines Selfridges use when styling certain brands and garments.
I am now on the Selfridges Freelance styling assistant list, so hopefully I will get some more work there in the new year!
On Monday I start at ASOS so I will try and do the same for my work experience there! If you have any questions about my W/E please do ask.

I hope everyone's had a week as wonderful as I have!