Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A new year - My new fashion job!

I honestly do not know where to begin. Coming back to my space on the Internet, my ‘blog’, it’s crazy how much has changed for me since my last post on 19th October 2013. I cannot believe I’ve been away for this long…

So what’s changed? Firstly, you can probably see that the name to my blog has changed. I’ve made progress in my career and as a person, and just felt that the blog’s name didn’t suit who I was anymore. The naïve ‘HC Fashion Insider’ makes me want to vomit slightly, but also makes me smile. I wasn’t anywhere near being a true ‘fashion insider’. I’m still nowhere near it now. But I do find it endearing that I clearly was proud and happy of how far I’d made it in my very short career in fashion. I finally felt as if I was a part of it, that I really was an insider, even if I was just working in the fashion cupboard. Now however, I feel it was a little naïve and pretentious, although that’s certainly something that I never want to put across, let alone want to be. So the name of my blog has changed to ‘from the fashion cupboard’. I feel represents not only myself but also all of the other girls and guys that are out there trying to make it in the fashion industry. The fashion cupboard is where the majority of us start at the very beginning of our careers, including myself. Where we learn what, and what not to do. Where we make those awful style mistakes, and meet both like-minded and not so like-minded interns.

Secondly, my job has changed. In the September just gone, with the introduction to River Island’s brand new state of the art photographic studio, I was promoted to Junior Stylist! It wasn’t an easy ride; there were a lot of personal ups and downs along the way but the hard work of being an assistant for two years finally paid off. I still work in London, quite far from where I live so my days are long, however I really am going to try and blog some more whenever I get a chance, even if it isn’t so often.

Thirdly, I’m certainly not wearing half the things you’ll find in ‘older posts’ in this blog. I was very tempted to start all over again, but I think it’s important to be able to reflect on the things you’re proud of and not so proud of. Even if it is a couple of dodgy outfits, it shows personal growth. As I’m still on my feet all day, I’m certainly more into my trainers, ripped jeans and all black everything. Looking good whilst being yourself is important to me, but comfort when you’re running around all day is just as necessary. But heres some idea of what i'm currently wearing until I can get some outfit photos for you!

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