Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Back from Portobello

Long time no post I know... I can't explain how manic my life is right now. My final year at uni second week back and i've already got three projects due in in two weeks. I knew my degree year was going to be hard but this is unreal! I'm not complaining though I do love being busy.

Along with my dissertation i've got to do a project on an area of london (to put it simply) and I chose Portobello Road. It's beautiful. Full of vintage and antiques I could spend all day admiring all the treasures. If you've never been just GO.
I've got some new purchases recently as well, although i'm broke (look at my bank statements, It's official!) So I will post these when I get a spare milli second and a new card reader... In the mean time I hope you like some of my images of Portobello for my project. If anyone knows anything interesting to go and see around there - please let me know :)

Much Love H xox


  1. If your in portobello definately check out never fully dressed for really nice clothes or pearl and ivy for lovely unique headbands

  2. Ive never been to portobello road, looks really cool :) the valentino bracelet is so nice!

  3. ugh wish I lived in england! everything is so much better there!
    Love the pics!
    Poppy xx

  4. Oi,
    sou David Iannini(Produtor de moda e Styling, e editor do blog Acordei Fashionista).
    Encontrei seu blog em buscas pela net, adorei o espaço!
    Aproveito para deixar o link do meu blog!
    Se curtir me segue(sigo devolta).