Friday, 18 November 2011

High Shine


I made a promise to post some of my new buys today. So here we are! These photographs are just a couple of my recent buys. All quite shiny and soft fabrics for those of you with girly tastes, however, all versatile pieces that I LOVE mixing into the androgynous trend. All found in shops I don't usually venture into either which was a pleasant surprise also. I hope you like them, plenty more to come!

(apologies for the bad quality photos, the lighting in my uni room is absolutely awful)

H xox

Sleeveless dip hem shirt, with pearl studded collar, £35, Republic.

High shine metallic scallop tee, £25, River Island.

This is my new favourite nail varnish and a definite part of my A/W wardrobe. It's H&M own brand polish, and for £2.99 it's great quality! They do a range of colours, however this metallic black fits in perfectly with my on the go life at the moment (doesn't chip!).

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  1. I love that River Island top... saw a girl wearing it a while ago and really wanted to know where she got it so thank you so much!! love your blog :D