Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fashion Blogger Q&A

Hello everyone!

As many of you may have noticed, i've been quite absent from my blog recently. The new year as brought new opportunities and a bigger work load. I had to take some time out from blogging to focus on my career at ASOS and producing more work for iKrush.com.
I have missed blogging very much, I've also missed looking at all of your blogs, and honestly i've been feeling a little uninspired recently. I know i'm not the only one who goes through a dry spell with blogging (many of us have been through it) - But i'm back, and i'm ready to give you guys lots of content and lots more insight into the fashion industry!

I want to also take this opportunity to give a massive thank you to Mariana from Going Teen. Shes always been a loyal follower of this blog and has her own amazing blog I love to take inspiration from. I'm honoured that she wanted to do a Blogger Q&A with myself and featuring my blog. So take a look at Going Teen, I promise you'll keep going back! Take a look at the Blogger Q&A here.

Lots to come from me, my next post being on 'The Hierarchy of Fashion Intern Footwear' which I had loads of fun creating for you guys, so I look very forward to hearing your opinions!

So... Heres to more blogging!

Holly x

P.S Here's some of my instagram images of what i've been up to whilst i've been absent.

1. Favourite arm candy
2. Off to watch my cousins play in London
3. Finally got my ASOS pass!
4. Styling bags/purses at Selfridges
5. My Favourite New Kicks (see next blog post for more!)
6. Starbucks Hot Chocolate keeping me going whilst prepping for shoot at Selfridges
7. My attempted at Aztec Nail Art
8. Prepping one of my favourite designer's dresses at Selfridges
9. Wrapping up warm for the snow that hit England!
10. The masses of shoes for shoots at Selfridges
11. Loving my Camo jeans I got in the Topshop sale!
12. ASOS Fashion Up exclusive Henry Holland iPhone case giveaway - Sending them off to the lucky winners!


  1. Love your blog lovely :)!


  2. Hi I just found your blog through "going teen" and I am so glad I did!
    Your blog is so amazing and I love this post! These are such amazing photos and i cannot wait to read your next post :)
    I just followed your blog and would appreciate if you could do the same back!
    have a great day!

    The Green Raybans
    Twitter: Green_Raybans98
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Green-Raybans/

    1. Thanks so much!
      I will definitely have a look when i have a second! i need to catch up with all my followers soon anyway - I have a look at everyones blogs as much as possible!

      Holly x

  3. Thanks for your comments!
    So so glad you like the post!
    When I get a moment ill be sure to check out your blogs and leave a comment on a post I like!
    Holly x

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    1. Hi, thanks for your comments!
      I'm the only writer on my blog :)

      Holly x

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  8. When it comes to keeping up with blogging about women's fashion, we all need a break once in a while. I'm happy I came across your blog after this hiatus-- I love your posts, keep up the great work!

  9. Thank you so much for your kind comments! Mean a lot!

  10. Hey :)
    Just found your blog, love it! I noticed the House of Holland iphone case and looked at the date on which you posted this.. It coincides with when I was interning at HOH. Crazy! My point being, I probably sent those cases off to Asos. Its funny seeing them in this context.
    Anyway, hope you're well. x Jess

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