Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cracked Tiles

Cracked Tiles - Saturday Night Outfit.

I often create outfits on polyvore with items that I own so I can go back to them when i'm lacking in outfit inspiration.. This one I created will probably be my outfit for tonight. I'm going to a variety music night with the family... Yes I know, it sounds VERY exciting... (I hope you sensed the sarcasm) The problem is it'll be full of pensioners and the dress code is casual. CASUAL. For a saturday night? Doesn't matter anywho as ill be getting sloshed. I'll swap the heels for a leopard loafers and hope my statement chain doesn't give one of the older birds a heart attack.
Wish me a fun evening!

H oxo


  1. Hope lastnight wasn't too bad!
    I'm glad I came across your blog, I was just wondering for my post tomorrow(if you read this today).. I would like to do a little feature of your blog, as I like your style and hopefully you will get some more followers too.
    I was thinking of using a few of you outfit photos and linking your blog...
    Just let me know if that's alright with you :)

    Chelsea x

  2. Hi Chelsea!
    Aw thats so kind of you thank you. No that wouldn't be a problem, i'm very flattered that you want to put awkward pictures of me in my room me on your blog! haha :)
    Sorry 'ive only just got back to you, only just checked my blog!

    Thanks again, let me know when you post them if you decide you still want to, i'd love to take a look :)

    and I just checked out your blog, followed, it's lovely :)

  3. Oh dont worry about it, I've just posted it. Its quite short I'm afraid as I'm very busy at the moment but hopefully you will get some more visitors!
    Also thankyou for following me :)