Friday, 20 January 2012


Hello, I thought I'd share with you my 'wants and recent buys'.
As the weather is still cold (and we're in england) I'm not quite ready to move away from my winter wardrobe yet, but I have been thinking about spring. So here are my recent thoughts/finds.

1. I've decided that I want to move away from florals, as they are seen in spring/summer over and over each year, and I don't tend to do prints. 

2. I'm looking for pastel and ivory pieces in different fabrics and textures that I can easy mix and match with hard masculine pieces. I think I may start by hunting down a vintage pair of highwaisted shorts in a pastel, that are slightly trashed.

3. I brought a range of items from yesterday. A sequin front tee, with ivory chiffon back (I was tempted by the black back, but I was thinking ahead for spring) the ivory will give the top a light feel. I also brought a lightweight cotton jacket that i'd been eyeing up for ages, as soon as it went into the sale I had to get it! Originally I was going to go for the mink colour, but again, I chose ivory to attempt to move away from my black wardrobe. However.. I did purchase a black chiffon oversized shirt, I plan to wear as a dress. (I cant help it I love black. Especially black chiffon shirts!)

4. Some PU platform boots. I've wanted some for ages, they were in the sale. Thats my reasoning! However, i've been searching ebay for some hightop converse to take me into spring.

5. And of course, at some point I will have a pair of black ray bans. And you've all seen my new bag.

Once I get my order through the post, ill take some pics. I'd love to see what everyone thinks of my new buys! 
What would you pair these items with for spring?

H oxo

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