Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DIY Tutorial: Ombre Nails

This is my first picture tutorial post, on how to recreate my Grey to Glitter Ombre Nail Art.
There are lots of these tutorials out there, but this is my interpretation. Please do let me know if you find it helpful, and I'm always open to advice on how to improve!
Oh and definitely send me links to pictures if anyone tries this, or has done this before!

Holly x


  1. amazing nails! Wish i had the patience to create this look! x

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  2. Love how they turned out!
    Might try doing this during the holidays :)
    thanks for sharing.
    x Mariana

  3. Hi Girls!
    It does take some time yes - but because you use quite a few layers it lasts so much longer!
    If you give it a try, do send me a link i'd love to see! And thanks for commenting
    Holly x