Friday, 26 October 2012

Today's Outfit

This Cross Belt I created myself. For anyone wanting to re-create it, check out my tutorial on how to Here. Let me know what you think!

Skirt, Forever 21, £16. Leather Jacket, Primark, £12. Wedged Desert Boots, New Look, £24. DIY Cross Belt.

I'm loving my new skirt. Although I feel the 'Dip Hem' or 'Mullet' skirts and dresses have been completely worn out and over done by the highstreet, I love this pleated style and neutral colour as it fits in with the rest of my wardrobe perfectly. I couldn't resist this purchase as these skirts are easy to dress up or dress down, also this style can take you from this A/W right into S/S 2013.


  1. Super stylish ;) and I love the belt too!

  2. Youre so pretty! Love your style <3

  3. I love this outfit! Looks gorgeous. I've nominated you for the Liebster award over on my blog -

  4. Thank you so much for commenting, all of your support means a lot!
    Especially thanks to Megan for the nomination - my reply is up now! It's a shame you can't nominate anyone who votes for you because I love your blog too!
    Holly x

  5. Super cute!