Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Creative Industry Advice: Fashion Intern Essentials

When starting a new internship or job it’s so important to be prepared. As well as doing your research on the company you’ll be working for, you’ll need the practical things to make sure you’re ready for the day!
Everyone has their own handbag must-haves for the day, but after interning since May 2012 and doing everything from running around London to dressing models, these are the things I make sure I’m carrying around with me, even to my jobs now!

1. A Practical Bag - Obviously its good to start with a decent sized handbag. I’ve seen girls with small designer bags, and if you can fit all of your essentials in your quilted Chanel shoulder bag then good for you! You don’t know what you’re going to be doing, and you never know, that extra space to carry extra things can really come in handy!

2. A Small Note Pad and Pen – When you’re being told what to do, never be afraid to ask them to hang on two seconds whilst you grab your note pad to jot everything down. No one is perfect and when you’re under pressure your bound to forget things. If you write everything down you make life easier for yourself and the person you’re working for!

3. Your Make-Up essentials – No one blames you for wanting to look good! But only carry around the make-up you know you’ll use! For me this is just my foundation, powder brush and mascara. There’s no need to carry your whole make-up bag; it wastes valuable space in your bag, and you’ll be thankful it’s not so heavy when you’ve been carrying it around all day!

4. A snack – It’s your right to make sure you get a break in the day, but sometimes you will be rushed off your feet. Make sure you have a snack to carry around with you when you’re on the go. My perfect snack is a bag of dried fruit and nut. It’s healthy and a brilliant source of energy as they contain complex carbohydrates (which release energy slowly) and natural sugars. They’re also easy to carry around with you! If you’re worried about the fat in nuts opt for an apple or banana instead. Carry a drink (water) with you too to keep hydrated and those headaches at bay!

Other Handbag Essentials I carry:

Antibacterial Hand Gel
Plastic Bag (To put umbrella in, nothing worse than a sopping wet bag!)
Phone Charger (Because iPhones are amazing – but you never know when you’ll need to top up your battery!)
Hairband (Yes you might spend ages on your hair in the morning, but there have been so many times I’ve been doing a job that’s so much easier with my hair up. Being able to put your hair in a topknot saves frustration AND cools you down!)

Note Pad, Laura Ashley // Gloves, Knitted by my Grandma, perfect for cold days and still being able to use my iPhone // Strong mints, M&S (for those surprise meetings!)

Yves Saint Laurent Foundation // Maybelline Fit Powder // Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch // Boujoris Bronzing Powder (for those midday top-ups!)

So these are my Intern Handbag Essentials! Do you think there's anything i've missed that you cant leave your house without? Let me know!
My next blog post on Creative Industry Advice is on the best Apps for fashion bloggers and interns alike. Keep checking back as it'll be up soon!

Holly x

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  1. Awesome check list! I love the designer notebook!