Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fashion Intern at Selfridges: Week One

So many of you have probably noticed the lack of posts this week. I have been SO busy, getting up at 5.45am and getting home at 9pm some nights, literally falling into bed so tired with my feet aching.. And i'm LOVING every second!
So I thought I was doing work experience within the Visual Merchandising department in Selfridges. But no. My work experience is taking place in the online content photo studios - even better! So instead on rambling on about how amazing it is, I will give you the low down of what I have done this week so far!


- Introduced to the team, made up of in-house stylists and photographers and also freelance stylists and photographers - everyone was so nice and welcoming!

- I was shown each studio (of which there are four) the IN room and the OUT room, and where the re-touchers, copy team and imagery managers are based. I was also given a tour of HQ and where the buyers for Selfridges are based.

- Then I was shown how to use the steamer, and was given McQueen scarfs to steam (talk about pressure)

- I was thrown straight into assisting on a women's wear shoot, where I was shown the process of styling on a shoot. We shot Herve Lager dresses, McQueen, Erdem and many other brands.

 The shoot prep room

Photo shoot essentials!

Day 2

- I was given the task of prepping all clothes for a men's shoot the next day (sounds tedious) but I enjoyed finding out exactly how the styling of the shoot works before hand. Having to remove all of the tags from the clothing (so they aren't seen in the photographs) making sure the garments stay with the correct pieces, and steaming all of the garments.

- Another intern started on tuesday too, Haylie, who goes to the uni I went to doing fashion styling! Shes nice and it's great to have another intern there!

- At the end of the day I had to return all of the clothing to the OUT room, to be collected and returned to the designer stands

There is a shoe rack full of neutral shoes (and all the converse colours you'd want!) encase any of the styling shoes aren't appropriate of the garments.

Me keeping busy! Embellished Collar Shirt - Republic. Jumper, H&M.


- Today was the men's wear shoot. I really enjoyed the shoot as an insight to how men's wear styling works.

- I was also shown the shoot guide lines for each individual product. This involves the crops and shots that have to be taken, for example trousers would be shot with a plain top, front and back, the details would be shot (max of two) and a 'life style' full length shot, which involves the outfit being styled with other garments.

*excited wrinkly forehead face*


- In the morning I prepped men's shoes for an accessory shoot.

- I then had the duty of prepping the most amazing clothes ever! I also got the chance to go to the shop floor with the stylist to pick all of the styling garments and even better, I got to chose the bottoms for a Wild Fox jumper that was being shot the next day! There were A LOT of garments, the priority garments for the shoot being by Christopher Kane, McQueen, Lanvin and Vivienne Westwood. We also shot Peter Pilotto, Wild Fox, J Brand and Theory.

 Christopher Kane Dress
 Peter Pilotto Skirt
 Just a small section of the beautiful garments

Diane von Furstenberg dress

Model Stephanie's Clothing Rack


- The last day of my first amazing week, I assisted on a shoot with two models, featuring all the clothes I prepped the day before.

- Firstly I got to go down to the shoe department with the stylist to see the process of picking up the shoes. I then had to unpack them all, oh gosh were some of them amazing!

- I was then taken through each look by the stylist so I knew which were the priority garments, and had an amazing day of shooting beautiful clothes!

Looks have been put together and are ready for shooting!

 Studio One ready for shooting!

 All of the amazing shoes!

The black velvet Topshop shorts I chose as the styling garment for the Wild Fox jumper!

A loser in my beanie, but a very happy (and tired) girl!

Just some of the pieces I helped assist with this week, on the women's wear shoots. Images courtesy of

I've had such a great time so far, and am looking forward to my second week! Keep checking back for outfit looks and behind the scenes stuff! If you have any questions about what i'm doing, don't be afraid to ask, i'd be happy to answer them! Also sorry for the image quality, all photos were taken on my iphone!

I hope everyone had a love week,


  1. This is absolutely incredible! Looks like so much fun. I hope someday I can be doing something similar.
    x Mariana |

  2. I want those shoes, ALL OF THEM!!! <3
    Your eyes are so cute :)!

    Your newest follower,

  3. This is such a dream! Congrats.

  4. Your internship seems like a dream! I'd gladly lose my sleep over a chance like thism. <3

  5. omg, it would be so hard for e to do my internship there! i would steal many clothes and shoes i am afraid. Did you wrote down somewhere , where your necklace (in the collar shirt post) and your beanie are from?
    have a lovely day!