Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vintage Black Dress

A couple of post's ago I mentioned that I'd found a garment in a chest at my Grandma's house. And here it is! A beautiful vintage dress of hers, with lace top, empire line with a silk ribbon and layered skirt. I love the gothic vibe it has, and I think it'd look great with a studded belt and a pair of statement spiked earrings.. How would you accessories this dress?

I have my graduation ball coming up soon, which is a 007 James Bond theme, and I thought this might be perfect for it. However, I do feel it my be a bit nighty-ish? What do you think?
Holly x


  1. I think the dress is perfect for a James Bond theme. The spiked earrings sound like a nice idea. I wouldn't wear the belt, because I don't really like belts on dresses, but that doesn't mean it won't look great on you :)
    Filipa from www.ohmyfilipa.blogspot.com

  2. Hey there! great dress :) Has a really ethereal feel to it. I would go simple on the accessories but add a medium sized metallic gold belt to jazz it up and give it more of a modern feel. Like this one: http://tinyurl.com/cnqdrau << thats a DIY one so you can find nicer ones. If you're going out and need to bring a bag then bring a bold coloured oversized clutch :)


  3. Stunning dress!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and its fab...this dress is stunning!!

    Check me out if you get a mo; vanityrail.blogspot.co.uk