Monday, 5 November 2012

Get Their Style: The Olsen Twins

I know it's kind of cliche to say as a fashion blogger, that the Olsen twins are up in my top 5 style icons. But really, they are. Without blowing my own trumpet, I don't purposefully copy their style, I just really like the same garments the garments they wear, in terms of fabrics, silhouettes and colours. With a very much monochromatic wardrobe (both them and myself) along with a love for studs and leather, it's probably no surprise to many of you that this blog post has eventually appeared.

Definitely not reaching the 'edginess' level of the Olsens myself, we can all but try. And many of us do. I don't tend to focus on designer garments, because let's face it, most of us blogging about fashion can't afford them, and aren't sent them for free. So here's my alternative to creating the Oslen look, without the bank balance that comes with it...

My key Highstreet buys, that will help you on your way to creating the Olsen Edge:

1. Grey Long Sleeve Top, H&M, £7.99. Buy it Here

2. Imitation Leather Trouser, H&M, £24.99. Buy it Here

3. Felt Bowler Hat, ASOS, £20. Buy it Here

4. Felicity Soft Structured 3pc Shopper With Wallet, Boohoo.Com, £20. Buy It Here

5. Celestina Platform Ankle Boots In Black, Missguided.Co.Uk, £37.99. Buy Them Here

6. Black long faux fur gilet, Dorothy Perkins, £55. Buy it Here

7. Frankie Jacket by Goldie, Topshop, £68. Buy it Here

8. Simple Double Bar Ring, ASOS, £8. Buy it Here

9. Libet Bracelet, ALDO, £12. Buy it Here

All of the items i've chosen are from online and highstreet affordable stores, and some of you may (or may not) agree that these pieces represent the Olsens fashion sense. Let me know what you think, and if you know of any Oslen inspired garments - do let me know!

Holly x


  1. The Olsen twins are one of my favourite style crushes! Love this post :) x

    Pastel Bokeh

  2. they do have amazing style! the pieces you picked out are like spot on :D

  3. Thanks Annalise and Nasreen! I felt a bit typical posting about the Olsens.. I just love their style!
    It's not fair I want all of the pieces! Not bad prices either!
    Holly xx

  4. I looove this post, the Olsen Twins have just an amazing sense of style :)) x