Saturday, 3 November 2012

Review: Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

See my previous outfit post Here to see what it looks like on my hair!

My favourite Hair Product: Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray. Buy it Here
I have been using this as my go-to product for the last two years (especially whilst at uni!). Anyone that loves the effortless messy hair look (think the Olsen Twins and Blake Lively) will instantly love this product. The Sea Salt Spray is a brilliant fix for when you are rushed off your feet to get ready and don't have time to do your hair.
It's a really versatile styling product, able to be sprayed onto wet or dry hair, whilst achieving the same look. It's brilliant for thin hair as it creates volume, but can also been used on thick hair, although more product is needed.

This look is sultry and edgy and slighty 'give a shit?!' (which I love) on any shade of hair.

Pros: Quick and easy to use. The bottle lasts ages!
Cons: Can make your head itchy. Does make your hair knotty (but I guess that's part of the look?)

Why I personally use this product:
I have very thin hair, and it's also ultra straight. As stated before this product gives the hair more volume. I tend to curl my hair once it's dry and then put the product on so my locks have some wave to them. See my previous outfit post Here to see what it looks like on my hair!
Tip: Don't spray onto your roots! Itchy head alert!

Autumn/Winter 2012 Designers that sported this look:

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Spray on and tie your hair up in a top knot like Thakoon Addition, use on short hair for that 'bedhead' look like Rodarte, or spray and then twist long locks like Alexander Wang and John Rocha.

Let me know if you use a different brand, or what you think of the spray (good or bad)!
Holly x

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